Alumni Stories

Even after our alumni have left the school, many still have fond memories of their life in Hwa Chong. Click on the left menu to read some of their best moments.

Alumni Stories

Alumni Stories

Hwa Chong is a unique blend of East and West, providing everyone with a niche, and a culture that embraces all. There are few places a person can go to and feel right at home. Hwa Chong will always be such a place for me.
- Mikail Kalimuddin
President’s Scholar and Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholar
Economics and Political Science, Brown University Class of 2009



Both Hwa Chong and Harvard provided me a well-rounded education. There were unrivalled opportunities for co-curricular activities, research endeavours and community service. I am fortunate to receive much love from my parents, as well as help from my teachers and friends in Hwa Chong.
- Cong Lin
Named Harvard’s Most Promising Graduate in 2009
Physics and Mathematics, Harvard University



When I think of Hwa Chong, I remember fondly its vibrant school life, the teachers’ dedication and the strong peer support. Thank you, Hwa Chong, for teaching me life skills and values which have helped me excel at West Point.
- Lee Wei Sen Justin
Singapore Armed Forces Military Training Award
2009 Top Military Student at West Point



It is impossible to forget Hwa Chong. The teachers, students and administration all come together to create a distinctive flavor that will be with us in all our future endeavours
- Dong Yang Zi
Ranked Individual World 1st at 2009 International Biology Olympiad
2010 Public Service Commission Overseas Merit Scholar
Biology, Stanford University



A questioning mind is the hallmark of every Hwa Chongian. Ultimately, the strongest ties forged are those between teachers and students, seniors and juniors. This is part of the Hwa Chong experience – to live with passion, lead with compassion.
- Philip Chan
2009 Public Service Commission Overseas Merit Scholar
Physics and Philosophy, Oxford University



Hwa Chongians never truly leave Hwa Chong even after we graduate, for our fond memories of the school and our friends stay with us even as we continue to soar…
- Shawn Low
Harvard University’s Herschel Smith Research Fellow
Life Sciences, Harvard Class of 2011



At Hwa Chong, I was surrounded by a group of talented and highly motivated peers who constantly challenged me to seek improvements. The education I received, both inside and outside the classroom, prepared me well to excel at Cornell. I am grateful to have had the honor and privilege of attending Hwa Chong, and will always be proud to call myself a Hwa Chongian.
- Chin Guo Jie
2013 Merrill Presidential Scholar
2013 Sibley Prize Winner
Economics and Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University